FAQ - frequently asked questions

What about the return shipment?
It is possible to return the articles within 14 days. You will be fully refunded the price of the goods. The shipping costs for the return shipment have to be paid by yourself.
The bikinis must be in perfect condition and must not have been worn or washed.

I ordered the wrong size - what should I do?
If you ordered a set and got the wrong size on one or both pieces, you can return your bikini or just the top/panties as well. You will then receive a new top/panties in the right size. Here we take over the new shipping costs for you, but the return shipping must be taken over by you.

What size should I order?
To find the right size, please refer to the 'Size Chart' on the homepage. This should make it easy to order your bikini in the perfect size. If there are two letters in the Size Chart (S/M) for your size, it's up to you: If you want to cut your bikini rather tight, choose the smaller size. If you want to cover a little more, choose the larger one. In case of doubt contact info@pairadize.com.

Can the top and the panties be ordered in different sizes?
Yes, that is of course possible. For example you can order the top in size S and the panties in size M.

What payment methods are there
Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit card and Pay Pal.

What should I do if an item arrives damaged?
We do our best to only send goods that are in perfect condition.
Should it nevertheless happen that an item is damaged, please fill out the form via service.pairadize.com the form.