Pairadize is {PETA-Approved Vegan}

In einer Welt, in der Tierwohl und ethisches Bewusstsein zunehmend an Bedeutung gewinnen, setzen wir von Pairadize ein starkes Zeichen: Mit dem {PETA-Approved Vegan}-Zertifikat bestätigen wir unseren Kunden offiziell, dass unsere Produkte frei von Tierleid sind. Alles Wichtige zur Partnerschaft mit PETA und veganer Kleidung erfährst du auf dieser Seite.  

Who or what is PETA?

PETA, short for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals", is one of the world's largest and most influential animal welfare organizations with over 6.5 million supporters. With the aim of giving every animal a happy and respectful life, PETA campaigns against cruelty to animals in all areas and sheds light on the often cruel conditions under which animals have to suffer for (fashion) products.

When is clothing considered vegan?

Vegan fashion is the same as vegan food: It must not contain any animal ingredients whatsoever. This applies to well-known materials such as leather, wool, fur or silk as well as less well-known and often hidden animal components such as dyes or adhesives. At Pairadize, we rely exclusively on innovative plant-based and synthetic materials that are not only ethical, but also of high quality and durable.

What does {PETA-Approved Vegan} mean?

The {PETA-Approved Vegan} seal serves as a guide for consumers who want to consciously buy animal-free fashion and textiles. It guarantees that no animal materials were used in the manufacture of the labeled products - a decisive step towards a more responsible and transparent fashion industry.

Why is it important for clothing to be vegan?

Many of the materials traditionally used in the fashion industry come from countries where there are few guidelines on animal welfare. Often the animals are bred solely for their raw materials and are plucked, skinned or killed under cruel conditions. Wearing vegan clothing is therefore much more than a fashionable decision - it is an important statement against animal suffering.

But vegan materials also often offer key advantages over the animal variant from a functional point of view. Our vegan leather, for example, is not only easier to care for, but also significantly more durable than real leather, making it more comfortable to wear and providing better freedom of movement.

Why did we decide to partner with PETA?

Through our partnership with PETA, we want to offer our customers absolute transparency. Some animal materials used in the fashion industry can only be identified by looking at the inside label. These are often horn buttons or small leather details on shoes and accessories. There are also animal-based adhesives and dyes that have not yet been subject to any labeling requirements and are practically invisible to consumers. With the {PETA-Approved Vegan} certificate, our customers can see at a glance that they are buying a product without animal ingredients.

Another important aspect that led us to partner with PETA is that we want to be pioneers in the field of vegan fashion and hope that many companies in the industry will follow our example. With our products, we prove that style and animal welfare do not have to be opposites.

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