The story behind PAIRADIZE

We are Julia and Stephanie Bässler and bikiniaddicts. As fitness models and globetrotters we were and are always looking for new and fancy bikinis that not only look good but also make you feel comfortable in them.
Travelling a lot and taking great bikini pictures on the beach and pool is part of our job and we dare to say that there is hardly anyone who has a bigger bikini collection than we do.

Because it is important to us to present our readers and followers with many different looks on our photos, we often asked ourselves how we can take as many different bikinis as possible on our trips, while saving luggage and space.
Bikinis, which can be used to create many different looks, had to be created!
If we don't find what we're looking for, we design it ourselves and that's when our new company 'PAIRADIZE' was born.

PAIRADIZE like paradise? Isn't that how you spell it? No, our company is deliberately written this way, because the brand PAIRADIZE is a play on words. 
PAIRADIZE is derived from the English word 'Pair', which in German means as much as 'Paar'. 
In combination with the English word 'Paradise', this name fits our brand like a glove.
It describes us, as twins and common founders, and the trademark of 'PAIRADIZE': 'Two in one'.
What makes PAIRADIZE bikinis so special is the fact that they are reversible. Two completely individual looks in one bikini. Simply the right bikini for every situation!
Are you one of those women who never want to decide what to wear? No problem, because from now on you won't have to! Thanks to the reversible design, you can change your swimsuit in seconds. Bikinis for every taste and space in your suitcase is also saved!
This extraordinary feature makes PAIRADIZE bikinis stand out from other conventional bikinis on the market. 
Partner look is the order of the day! Whether for twins, sisters, mother and daughter teams or for you and your best friend, no other bikini connects you visually as much as a 'PAIRADIZE' bikini.
How about wearing your top patterned and your panties plain, while your girlfriend wears her top plain and chooses the patterned version for her panties? There are almost no limits when it comes to combining and you will always look great together without wearing exactly the same look. 
The absolute eye-catchers on the beach are definitely you!
Perfectly coordinated colour and pattern combinations that can be turned over make our bikinis real gems that no beach bag should be without. We have chosen the designs of the front and back so that you can mix and match them. So you can wear the front of the bikini top perfectly with the back of the panties and vice versa. Change your look in the palm of your hand... *up* bikinium twist! 
The result is numerous mix and match combinations from just one bikini! Stand out from the crowd and be sure there's no other bikini on the beach in your combination! 
From exotic palm and floral patterns, exclusive velvet and glitter fabrics to silky shiny fabrics that sparkle in the sun, everything is included. No matter what design you're celebrating in bikinis, you're sure to find something you like, because we've tried to design something for every taste. 
Every model, every colour and every pattern has been selected 100% by ourselves and drawn and sewn according to our ideas. We have spent nights comparing fabrics, thinking about designs and making changes to the cuts and can now claim that all six bikinis are 100% what we wanted. You won't find another bikini with these designs anywhere else in the world!
For us, bikinis are much more than clothes that serve their purpose. No sooner have you tied the bikini top around your neck than you feel a sense of lightness, freedom and light-heartedness. A piece of summer that you can wear.
At PAIRADIZE Swimwear we focus on the highest quality that you can feel. 
PAIRADIZE bikinis are exclusively available in our online shop and are delivered directly to your home. The shipping is plastic free! 
Add colour to your summer, enjoy every single second and rock your outfit! To many unforgettable hours and a never ending summer in your PAIRADIZE bikini!
xx Julia & Stephanie